“Donate The Date”  


DTD is a TAP program that promotes and supports simple acts of helping non-profits during a time of celebration with a FaceBook Fundraiser that sends donations directly to those non-profits. Brands also participate with their charity partner for giveaways on The Artists Report. 


How to “Donate The Date” 

Three steps and you can donate your birthday, anniversary or other special event to a worthy cause while you impact the world in a positive way. 

1. First go to Facebook and share our page “Donate The Date” to your home page. 

2. Then click on the blue button “Book Now” taking you to the Facebook Fundraiser page where you will pick a registered charity that TAP currently supports by clicking on “Select Nonprofits”.
Make sure your birthday is within the ten day period. Tag both The Artists Project and Donate Your Date. 

3. Show us the beautiful thing that you’ve done.
Email us the link from your page once it’s posted so I can share with TAP followers and visit the www.sharkallies.org and follow them. 


4. Share directly with your friends from your home page on the evening before your birthday. 

Suggestion: send a DM to Invite your friends to donate just $5, say something like “Just a $5 donation, you can do it!” This works well and the point to show that everyone can participate and it’s not about the size of the donation. 

5. On the day after your birthday, thank everyone and remind them that they can also activate their own fundraiser at our Donate Your Date page on Facebook. 


Wait there’s more! 

Those who participate will enjoy new engaging followers and this gets the attention of brands. Our brand and non-profit sponsors give us all kinds of fun swag that will brighten your day. Simple DM us once your fundraiser is complete and we’ll arrange to send you a gift bag.

The Artists Project – [email protected]