No artist shall be held back because they can not afford professional headshots.

In sanitized home studio TAP provides emerging artists professional headshots (with 3 changes) plus expert make-up. Artist is given gift of level playing field for artist on limited budget.

Professional photographers coach emerging artist to smile with their eyes showing off their best angle to camera.
Veteran expert make-up artist compliments emerging artist features blending make-up for camera ready look.
From doorstep to proof sheet emerging artist is in expert hands.
Final result is professional headshots capturing emerging artist best attributes and talent.

It’s a pleasure for us to help emergin artists in starting their career.

What we ask is to support our organization as well.

How can you support THE ARTISTS PROJECT in order to get your free headshot session?


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Mechanics for Artists
Upon arriving emerging artist signs in with assistant (wearing mask and gloves).
In separate sanitized rooms.
Artist temperature taken
Artist to come with Positive attitude and own mask and gloves
Release signed by artist.
Three clothing options are hung.
parking permit presented for artist car dashboard.
Envelope with artists donation provided.
Artist shown changing room.
After changing into first wardrobe choice make-up is applied.
Photographer takes test shot
Photo session begins
Photos emailed to artist via SmugMug