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"TAP" THe Artists Project

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The Artists Project


100% no fees for artists, made possible by brands who support nonprofits and want to build loyalty with artists. 

What we believe


We believe no artist should ever be held back or be unprepared to live their dream because of finances. We believe that artistry and the power of creativity are universal. We believe we can leave this world a better place and so we work with brands that giveback to the environment or humanity and invite them to share our journey by supporting artists for a better future. 

About TAP


The Artists Project is a unique experience in Los Angeles where artists from different genres come together to collaborate and express their creativity. Artists rarely get the opportunity to work with other artists in a non-structured, spontaneous, supportive environment. At TAP, amazing talent from the acting, beauty, dance, music, and fashion worlds immerse themselves in a creative environment. As brands more and more are choosing experiences and personal involvement for consumers, offering this opportunity for access to top people in the industry with built-in media exposure is powerful and exciting. TAP is very committed to supporting and giving back to the community by continuing to offer services free of charge to all artists with a focus on struggling artists.

Support from Brands and Nonprofits


Support comes from business and social minded executive with brands and causes  that understand the value of building relationships with both established and emerging artists. Please visit www.gotapla for more info on the universal promo code GOTAPLA. 

Support from Established Artists and Influencers


From just being in front of the camera with my Getty Images assignments, celebrities have contributed to TAP, Today, more entertainment press photographers have joined our team and the results can be seen with our mentorship program and assignments to promote TAP at major award shows.

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