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"TAP" THe Artists Project

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Artists helping artists
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The Artists Project

sponsor and build your brand...with smart product placement

...With Artists


TAP offers artists at all levels the ability receive photography services while emerging and then giveback with their time to inspire up and comers. This environment is ideal for organic engagements form appropriate brands. 

...With Influencers


TAP gives influencers the opportunity to use TAP Studios to create their needed content for their endorsement deals and followers on social media platforms. In turn influencers engage with attending brand sponsors. TAP also gives influencers our universal promo code, which provides additional income and the opportunity for sponsors to reach a huge audience. 

...With Nonprofits


We don't do fundraisers, we do awareness raisers and this is ideal for the brands and the nonprofits. All brand sponsors are required to have an active nonprofit partner, if you don't have one, that's ok, we'll find one for you. Brands, Influencers and GOTAPLA promo codes work together to bring awareness and sales for nonprofits and brands.

Brand benefits

Stream of Content

A steady stream of still and video content for all social media platforms and other uses.

Press Activations

As we are contributors at major press outlets we post and enjoy published images on a weekly basis.

Network with the stars of today and tomorrow.

You'll have direct contact with artists at many levels of their career and have a unique opportunity to build loyalty to your brand.

Opportunities with our podcast program.

Podcast Product Placement


Boost awareness and sales with the GOTAPLA universal promo code.

Attend Celebrity Events

Access to TAP Studios