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The TAP "First break" Medallion (Also legacy certificate)

Why the Medallion?

Can you think of a time when all you needed was to find your first break? When you were seeking and appreciating any amount of time filled with inspiration?

At TAP (and as artists) we thrive off meaningful moments!

This is why we have created the TAP medallion.

Each medallion will have a unique journey. It all starts in the hands of a leader who has demonstrated her or his extraordinary ability within their field of art. As leaders, they are in a position to offer inspiration. They will choose one deserving individual who has shown keen interest to develop themselves. Someone that is ready for their first break.

A truly memorable moment is created as the medallion is passed on from the mentor to the motivated new comer. After 5 minutes of inspiration from this leader, the new artist will become the recipient of the medallion. From this moment onwards they are awarded free head shots for life.

Once the coin is redeemed, we return it back into hands of another leader where it will be shared and passed on for generations to come.

Established Artists:

If you can commit to giving 5 minutes of inspiration to fostering a struggling artist, please contact our dedicated team.

Emerging Artists:

If you have received a medallion, please contact us to setup your first session, we look forward to meeting you and seeing you for throughout your entire career.

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Celebrity Press Photographer Michael Bezjian founded The Artists Project back in 2014. Ever since, TAP has served as a community service that provides exceptional quality content. TAP’s network of photographers, videographers, influencers, publicists and caring individuals recognize that young artists, especially those who are new and have financial issues, need a little help and inspiration. At TAP we are committed to all artists with inspiration and photography to further their careers without charging a penny, together with corporate clients & influencer partners, we are able to meet that end.


At The Artists Project we believe that leaders of industry doing well should take care of their own. As celebrity photographers we have enjoyed privileged careers from artists who have succeeded. It has been a great journey so far. We say thank you by creating the TAP “First Break” Medallion, which brings both ends of the workforce together, creating a new journey where we 'TAP' into our own.