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07-25-2019 & 08 - 05 - 2-19

TAP Giveback

11am - 3pm

At TAP Studios

Event Details

07-25-2019 & 08 - 05 - 2-19

TAP Giveback

Headshots / Lifestyle


11am - 3pm

At TAP Studios

Artists free services


Headshots and more

Our services to you are 100% FREE of any charges while you are here. Hair/Makeup/Styling and everything we do for you at our  press TAP Giveback Days are free. Leave you money at home. You'll receive a link to your images which are yours to use for your career and social media. As a press event all the press photographers retrain the rights like any red carpet or press event you might attend. 

How to schedule

What you are ask to do

1. Sharing our Facebook page and our Facebook Community page when we post your image. 
2. Follow us on Instagram (@theartistsprojectla) and Twitter (@TAPGiveBackLA )
3. Invite your friends by sharing our website The Artists Project so they can schedule a session.
4. Visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel, there are some inspiring celebrity videos.
5. Support other artists by engaging with their social media posts with images from TAP.
6. Credit and Tag photos when posting on social media with our tags and the photographer’s name.

7. Enjoy your images and have an amazing career and don't forget, there's always someone right behind you that could use a little inspiration!

Special Deals for artists

Smugmug has given TAP artists a special deal if you would like to have a place to showcase and archive your images and videos, use this link to signup and receive a discount: TAP 20% Discount for Smugmug image and video hosting

What to bring?

Up to 3 looks, bring more than you think you need. Have everything ready to wear. If you need life style shots, bring options for shoes and accessories. Bring your TAP Medallion if you've received on. Bring your best smile. 


Who will be there?

What happens when I arrive?

How long does it take to receive the images?

Can I bring friends and family?